Bentley Mulsanne with xclusive Chauffeurs (Guide 2023)

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The Bentley Mulsanne with xclusive Chauffeurs is the ultimate expression of British automotive luxury. Handcrafted in Crewe, England, each Mulsanne demonstrates Bentley\’s dedication to luxury and performance.

Power and performance

Under the hood lies a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V8 engine generating 530 horsepower. Paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the Mulsanne can propel chauffeur services from 0-60 mph in just 5.1 seconds – incredible for such a stately sedan. The intelligent AWD system ensures composed handling and traction in all road conditions.

Luxurious interior

Step inside the Mulsanne\’s cabin finished in your choice of the finest leathers, woods, and metals. Enjoy virtually endless customization options to create an interior suited to your exact tastes. Settle into wide, supportive seats offering heating, cooling, and massaging functions. From the rear seats, control a host of amenities via the infotainment system or remote control.

State-of-the-art technology

Despite its traditional appearance and ambiance, the Mulsanne offers the latest in technological features. Advanced driver assist systems like night vision, collision warnings, adaptive cruise control, and more help ensure safe travels. Stay connected on professional service the go with Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, integrated navigation, and Apple CarPlay. The powerful stereo provides phenomenal sound for enjoying music.

Benefits of having an xclusive chauffeur

Engaging xclusive chauffeur services elevates your experience of owning an illustrious vehicle like the Bentley Mulsanne. Professional drivers cater to your needs so you can simply be a passenger and enjoy the ride.


Convenience and comfort

A skilled chauffeur takes care of the driving while you relax in comfort. You\’ll arrive fresh and energized at events and meetings.

No need to drive yourself

On lengthy trips or when entertaining, not having to be behind the wheel has advantages. You can give your full attention to passengers, handle business, have a drink, or simply unwind.

Chauffeur handles navigation

Let your chauffeur adeptly navigate to your destination. No need to worry about directions in unfamiliar areas, just sit back until arrival. This reduces stress and allows you to utilize travel time more enjoyably.

Enjoy time during the ride

The ability to fully utilize commute and travel time is a significant benefit of having a chauffeur. With someone else driving, you can make the most of getting to your destination.

Work or relax as desired

Use in-car work tables and Wi-Fi to catch up on tasks. Or recline your seat to relax, close your eyes, and unwind – especially beneficial on long trips or when jet-lagged from flying.

Socialize without distractions

Entertaining business clients or friends? Focus on meaningful conversations without the distraction and responsibility of driving.

Arrive refreshed and relaxed at your destination

Let your chauffeur expertly pilot your Bentley while you simply take pleasure in the world-class luxury amenities during your journey. You\’ll feel restored and invigorated upon arrival to handle business meetings, events, and other obligations.

Top xclusive chauffeur services for Bentley Mulsanne owners

Those desiring to enhance their enjoyment of a Bentley Mulsanne should strongly consider booking services from top xclusive chauffeur providers catering specifically to luxury vehicles.

Highly trained and professional drivers

Look for companies employing drivers boasting impressive credentials – many have served dignitaries, executives, and celebrities. These professionals provide discreet, courteous, and attentive service befitting a Bentley.


Fleet of late model luxury vehicles

Choose a service maintaining a modern fleet of top luxury automobiles like Bentleys and Rolls-Royces to align with your distinguished tastes. This ensures access to well-equipped vehicles matching your status.

Well-maintained Bentley Mulsannes and Rolls-Royces

Expect spotlessly clean vehicles with smooth, quiet rides – no engine noises, bumpy suspensions, or unpleasant smells of worn interiors. You\’ll feel like you\’re riding in your own Bentley.

Personalized concierge services

Many xclusive chauffeur companies offer private concierge services catering to any needs or requests that may arise during your travels.

Handle errands, shopping requests, etc.

Don\’t waste valuable time running mundane errands. Have your chauffeur handle shopping, dropping off/picking up dry cleaning, taking items for repair, even waiting in line. This frees up time for priorities.

Private aviation connections

Some chauffeur providers can arrange private flights before seamlessly meeting your jet upon arrival. This facilitates easy connections to your awaiting luxury ground transportation.

What to expect when booking an xclusive chauffeur

Booking an xclusive chauffeur service for your Bentley Mulsanne is a smooth, convenient process resulting in exemplary service. Here\’s a general overview of what to expect:

Seamless booking experience

Access user-friendly online or app-based booking platforms to select your vehicle type, input addresses/flights, and submit requests. Know within minutes that your Bentley and chauffeur are arranged.

Punctual pick-up

Expect to be picked up right on schedule – xclusive chauffeur services pride themselves on timeliness. Your driver will monitor travel conditions and contact you with ETAs if any delays arise.

Courteous and discreet service

From greeting you upon arrival to handling doors and luggage, your chauffeur will provide polite, unintrusive service befitting the luxury experience. Information remains confidential and you\’ll hardly know they are present unless needs arise.

Flexibility to make multiple stops

Should an urgent errand or sudden change of plans come up mid-route, simply notify your chauffeur to amend the schedule. With advance notice, several stops generally pose no issues.

Assistance with luggage and doors

Let your chauffeur assist with luggage loading/unloading and reliably open/close doors for passengers. Tip as appropriate based on service satisfaction.

Value derived from services

Factor in productivity gains from working while riding, reduced stress from not navigating, and arriving energized for meetings and events. With chauffeured vehicles accommodating passengers, you also optimize travel by getting work done while avoiding expenses like flying/hotels.


The pinnacle of luxury automotive ownership meets the pinnacle of premium ground transportation with Bentley\’s esteemed Mulsanne sedan and xclusive professional chauffeurs. This pairing provides unmatched comfort, amenities, convenience and refinement. Discerning individuals who desire to fully enjoy their luxury vehicles without the headaches of driving will find significant value in xclusive chauffeur services. Explore options for booking experienced chauffeurs with modern Bentley and Rolls-Royce fleets to take your elite lifestyle to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services do xclusive chauffeurs provide?

xclusive chauffeurs offer transportation, concierge, and personal assistant services to luxury vehicle owners and charter clients. From driving clients wherever they need to go in comfort to handling shopping, errands, flight connections and more, highly skilled chauffeurs aim to cater to every need and desire during a trip.

How are xclusive chauffeur companies different than typical car services?

They specialize in serving ultra high net worth individuals by providing well-vetted, expert chauffeurs trained in discreet, attentive service. Their luxury vehicle fleets boast late model Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Mercedes Maybachs, etc. maintained to exceptional standards. Services are personalized for each client.

What qualifications and training do chauffeurs have?

xclusive chauffeurs possess impressive credentials often having served luminaries like royalty, executives, and celebrities. Many boast military and law enforcement backgrounds instilling skills like situation management, tactical driving, discretion. Continual training refines their customer service expertise specifically within luxury hospitality contexts.

Should I tip my xclusive chauffeur?

Gratuities for good service are not required but very much appreciated as a way to reward chauffeurs enhancing your overall experience. Standard tips average 15-25% of the total fare. However, tip whatever amount you deem reasonable for the quality of service received.

How far in advance should xclusive cars be booked?

Aim to book luxury chauffeured vehicles at least 48 hours prior to when service is needed, longer for specialty vehicles. However, for regular clients, some xclusives can accommodate more last minute requests depending on fleet availability. Certain concierge tasks may require a week or longer lead time.



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