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A Chauffeur is by definition a driver who can tend to the needs of the passenger as well as operate a motor vehicle. But here at, Xclusive Chauffeurs we offer more than just a chauffeur and a vehicle. We offer an experience that includes the Style, Comfort and a taste of Luxury. Behind these promises is a meticulous and dedicated team of workers that puts their heart and soul into making sure that every promise that we make to our clients is delivered upon. We take great pride in all our devout staff who do their best job every day to produce staggering customer service everyone needs best chauffeurs service in Manchester so here we go.

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Committed To Excellence

Xclusive Chauffeur is located in Manchester, the second largest city in the United Kingdom. We offer seven unique sorts of cars, minibus, and coaches to provide with your differing security needs and necessities. These include Luxury Airport Chauffeur Service Luxury Taxi services and Luxury Wedding Car Services. Notice how all categories include ‘Luxury’ in them. It’s because, delivery with luxury is our main goal. Options for choice of vehicles includes Rolls Royce, Range Rovers, Mercedes S- Class, E- Class and V- Class and Executive coaches. Different vehicles serve each client in a unique manner. Bring your inclination to us and let us
find a vehicle that fits the description. It doesn’t matter if you want take a trip off road or make a statement entry to an air terminal, whether you decide to go touring or show up at a work conference, Xclusive Chauffeurs makes sure you arrive in style.

What is our process and factors that helps us consider our premium chauffeur services?

Below are some factors that will allow you to understand a little more about who is driving your family, clients or colleagues to the best Service Airport Transfer Services In Manchester, hotel or any other location or event that requires a private limousine service and what helps us stand out as a company:

A Registered Chauffeur's License

A chauffeur is required to hold a special class of license. A chauffeur also has to meet minimum age and driving experience requirements. We are more than happy to show you proof of our drivers’ qualifications.

A Spotless Driving History

Our chauffeurs are responsible for ensuring the safety of all our passengers. That is our number one responsibility and it begins with a clean driving record. We have a strict policy regarding drivers’ records and if they’re not spotless then we do not hire them.

Professional Outfit

Apart from airport transfers our limousines are usually hired for formal or special occasions such as proms, weddings, anniversaries, and corporate functions. Turning up at any of these places in jeans or casual outfits is considered rude so why should your chauffeur. Our chauffeurs are professionally dressed; the classic suit and tie. Unless you need them to be casual!


Our chauffeurs always arrive 15-20 minutes early at the pickup location – no questions asked. To ensure that happens, we map out all routes in advance, factoring traffic or weather-related delays and planning alternate routes if necessary. If the chauffeur arrives late, especially if that late arrival ruins a wedding, a surprise party, a business meeting, or other important occasion our services lose its sass.

Composed Under-pressure

A chauffeur may deal with unexpected traffic on the highway or a nervous first time travellers frantic about missing their flights. Our chauffeurs possess the ability to handle any situation calmly. Our chauffeurs have performed exceptionally when the odds are high.


Our chauffeurs practice discretion, decorum, and confidentiality at all times. We value your privacy above all and would not interfere with our client’s special moments at any given time.

Experts in Scoping the areas

With the availability of GPS devices these days nothing replaces a good sense of direction. Our chauffeurs have personal information of the area where you’ll be riding, and will stay on top of any major road construction projects or other events that may impact your journey. We stress on the that fact that you’re paying a premium for a top-notch limousine service, so you should expect to sit back and enjoy the ride

Social skills

Our chauffeurs enjoy interacting with people and providing them with excellent customer service. They’re extremely pleasant, polite, and know when to strike up a conversation with their passengers and when to let them ride in solitude.

Keen Attention To Detail

Our awesome chauffeurs anticipate passengers’ needs and plan. They ensure the climate control systems are always in good working order so that passengers will never be too hot or too cold when they’re in the vehicle, the cars are always clean and presentable ahead of any important event, or the interiors are properly clean with the car smelling fresh.

Professional Drivers

Our drivers are professionals who are selected cautiously and prudently to make sure that your journey with us from pick up to drop off is safe, secure and pleasurable. In addition to that our drivers have complete knowledge of every street, nook and corner in Manchester, which means that they are completely aware of the surroundings in Manchester, making them capable of showing you the best clubs, pubs, sports complexes, shopping arenas, arcades, and any other place that you would locally want to tour. We assure you that they are more than able to make it to any destination you want. They understand the customers’ requirements and are inclined towards fulling the promises made by Xclusive Chauffeurs to their customers.

Here at Xclusive Chauffeurs we understand the importance of reliability and punctuality and we make sure to deliver upon it. The standards we set for our staff, our employees and our customers is eminent and we always make sure to rise up to the occasion.

Being located in Manchester does not limit us to just one city. We extend our best Service Airport Transfer Services in Manchester to and from anywhere in Britain. The booking process is simple and hassle free. Whether it is a short trip or a full day ordeal, we oblige and make sure to provide you the comfort you require to make it through the day luxuriously and in